Thank you for supporting Kohl Children's Museum!

Kohl Children's Museum, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is committed to nurturing a love of learning in young children.  With the support of generous friends like you, we are making a critical impact in children's lives by opening up a world of exploration, discovery, curiosity, and imagination in a safe, inviting, playful environment.

Donations enable the Museum to create solutions where there is great need.

  • Early Childhood Connections has over a decade of demonstrated success, serving over 2,500 children annually, with studies showing significant changes in classrooms and childcare centers that serve children in high need neighborhoods.
  • The Museum collaborates with community organizations to invite families with children who have special needs to Everyone at Play events, held while the Museum is closed to the general public. Over 1,000 people participated in this program last year – all free of charge.
  • Our newest program, Play Attention, provides free exclusive Museum access and special programming on designated Sunday mornings to military and veteran families.

Your gift makes a difference.  Thank you for helping us give children the power of play!  Remember, with an annual gift of $1,000, you can become a Wonder Funder and receive invitations to exclusive previews and donor events.  

Please consider adding 3% of the original amount of your gift as an additional donation to cover credit card fees and ensure that the full amount of your intended gift goes to support Kohl Children's Museum's mission (3% of $1,000 is $30).

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